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Over a 23-year career I made man illustrations, both published or for private clients, for personal promotion or included in my book projects.
I decided, of course, to show only a selected number of them, both new and old, which I believe embody the true essence of my style; I divided this selection into three pages, which will be updated from time to time.
All the illustrations were made using traditional methods (watercolor and colored pencils)

  • As soon as possible I will add a new page featuring the illustrations I made with Photoshop.

New Books

I collected some of the illustrations taken from recently or soon-to-be published books. The target may vary
from 0-5 years to young adults.

Picture Books

I collected some of the published commissioned illustrations as well as some of my book projects. Target
0-5 years.

  • If you are an author and think that my style suits your project perfectly, please let me know.

Non Fiction

I collected some of the published commissioned work as well as personal promotion works for a target ranging
from 5 years to young adults and older.

  • If you wish to charge me with an assignment or request information on my works and projects, please feel free to contact me.