Welcome to my website


I am an illustrator and have been working in the field of children’s books for 23 years.

During those years I have worked with stimulating publishing houses and lovely people whom I would like to thanks for their guidance with their talent and professional skills.

In particular, I would like to mention
Bernand Girodroux, the much lamented Artistic Director of Nathan in Paris.

I would like to thank
Linda Cole, for whom I started working in 1994 (at the time she was Design Director at Dorling Kindersley in London), and in recent years I was extremely pleased to work with other London-based publishing houses: Marshall and Pinwheel.

Mary Cartwright , Art Director at Usborne of London: during the 2000 edition of the Bologna book fair, she noticed my works exhibited at "Illustrator's Exhibition" and gave me the opportunity to illustrate 7 books of the Beginners series. I would also like to thank all the designers – Zoe Wray in particular – and authors – especially Anna Milbourne – who helped me in illustrating that series.

Finally, I would like to mention two new fantastic clients -
Agaworld (Korea) and Denise Ryan & Associates (Australia).

Enjoy your stay and have a beautiful day!

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